Thursday, May 29, 2008


I must come clean and admit that i have posted 2 Crazily Artsy Fartsy posts. Only to go back into my dashboard and save them as drafts....I don't know if anyone saw them except G. & he thought they were too weird to comment on so i just pulled them....sometimes i have to edit my Super strange stuff Out because i scare myself....which just makes me want to put them back in....Scarey is sometimes fun. Speakin' of scarey; I been treating myself to tasty morsels of short story scariness with this book:

but only in broad daylight and only 1 at a time. I just finished a dooozy called "You Know They Got a Hell of a Band" in which a young couple gets lost on a lonely old road that leads to this little town out in the middle of nowhere. They go into a diner; Janis Joplin is their waitress and when she laughs, maggots fall out of her mouth. It's a lovely read....Maybe i'll re-work my posts and put them back in.


Lata Mágica Recife said...

We are real, live in Recife is the capital of Pernambuco, Brazil.
We work with cameras craft in which a can of milk we build a camera.
Be always welcome to our little corner where we show our art to the world.

Willam & Odilene

phryGIAN said...


I love cereal too
and my posts aren't
as creative as yours
I gotta do something
about that. hmmm

the heartful blogger said...

Only from you would I ever expect to read maggots and lovely in the same paragraph!!

Hope you had a good birthday today!

Lotsa love,
T x

Girl of Approval said...

I love cereal so much. That picture is near and dear to me.

Be creative or create another blog to put the "scary" stuff.