Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween, Heartful!

I call heeem Vladimeeer (in a really bad transylvanian accent)

it was craft-time (also CRAZY time) at Dbug Daycare...Pop-pops on my lap in full (weeeee! aaahhhk)reach of glue, feathers, gooooogly eyes, pooofy colorful balls, and other wonderful stuff. Danielle had two crafty little spillers on her lap and We Learned not to pour all the supplies out at once. Feathered mayhem. With it's eyes plucked out.
My own little creative crafter and I produced a little red nosed, funky fuzzy, inspired by you, dear Heartful -
black & turquoise feathered bat. Hah! Now he flies above our head on the way into our room. He's fully employed as a gatekeeper and dangling Welcome to the Jungle!


the heartful blogger said...

He is FANTASTIC!!!! As are you! I am glad I inspire someone!

Big bat kisses to you, mwah ha ha ha ha (evil dracula like laugh).

the heartful blogger said...

PS I adore the touch of turquoise fuzz.

pinda said...

he is so gonzo.