Wednesday, May 07, 2008


When the odds are sayin'
you'll never win
that's when a grin
should start.
First, you gotta have heart!

I was on a roll, people! I had one Saturday afternoon, without distraction (sorta). I was fiercely focused on Completing something con corazon. I Got such a kick/satisfaction out of it that i completed 2 more! I been gettin' down to the heart of the matter:
So very much has been going on with the house not going into foreclosure, then finding out that it is going into foreclosure. Finding out letters i have written in anger and self-defense have been Shared with aunts and uncles. And most importantly, Finding out through a paralegal that we Do have rights! This beating that we have been taking is about to STOP. And while I am so much more a lover not a fighter, i'm having to put up a FIGHT.
So i'm fighting with my whole heart in it. Only, i really don't want to.


knitsteel said...

Some powerful colors in those hearts!!

the heartful blogger said...

I love it!! It is so you!!!

phryGIAN said...



there's my heart for you
hee hee

gkgirl said...

these are very cool...
and i am happy to hear that
there is hope for the house

and thanks for the sweet comment
on my blog...