Monday, May 26, 2008

Oh, I forgot to tell you!

Right in the midst of all this Hula-Balooo (why is there - ALL THE TIME - hulabaloo???) So let's just list some things that are happenings so you don't think i'm - ALL THE TIME - such a Drama magnet/queen/hulabaloo hog....Please keep in mind this all happened within ONE WEEK.

1. Foreclosure on our house started the 16th of May
2. Found out Aunt Glory Be has leukemia (now we don't know if it's treatable)
3. My mother's Lupus came outta remission.
4. The gas pipe in the kitchen from 1945 leaked like a motherfucker and the house almost
Exploded so we had No Gas until we could afford a plumber
5.So the microwave stopped working/popping popcorn (gah!)
....and LAST BUT COITENLY NOT LEAST: The damn dog got sent to THE POUND! Zoe Pearl Hernandez, the exceptional white german shepherd that i love so much, followed us to the Bus stop which she never does....on a day when i couldn't just miss the 8:40 and catch the next one. She did a sneaky stroll by right when we got there. Like she had been hanging back but showed herself right when it was too late to walk her skulky ass back! (it's only like a country block away but the Bus! the busss was pullin on up) So i told her in my fiercest alpha voice to GO HOME and she skulked off towards the house. Only she ended up at the drugstore then they took her to the stupid vet's. The drugstore people gave the vet people our name and number (the people at the drugstore know my mom Really well)and they (the vet people)still called the pound because nobody answered when they called(what is Up with that?)I was @ Dewbug and my mother was on a frenzied steroid induced road trip couldn't they have tried again? It's a vet's place of business & it's not like they aren't equipped to hold a dog for a little while ...Zoe is not a strayer or a collar wearer. We have no fence and i refuse to tie her up because she's a very Good Girl (she's the best is what i usually tell her) so it's really all my fault. But still! $120 it cost to get her ass out! One HUNDRED and twenty Bux, that's a lotta money. I wanted to buy a webcam but instead i had to bail my dog Out. I couldn't let them put her to sleep, could I? Awwww, not my Zoe Pearl. That Bitch....


phryGIAN said...

Just what you needed...
She sho is a purdy dog, though

the heartful blogger said...

God damn!! Silly dog!!! I can't believe you had to pay to get her outta there!!!! Hope all the other hullaballoo is settling down though?

knitsteel said...

such an awesome dog. How did you find her in the first place?
bad dog. She'll have to earn that money back somehow.

changapeluda said...

Well a long time ago i worked at PhotoAd/EasyAd in a classified capacity
if you wanted to give away a pet (sad)for free cuz you didn't want it - we would put the ad in for free. a woman called in who had cancer and she couldn't take care of "Snow-ey" a one year old white german i went and picked her up and brought her home to live with us in a tipi, G. accidently called her Zoe which means "life" in I added Pearl as a tribute to both Janis Joplin and Minnie Pearl (who i Love! so funny)...and she's been here ever since.