Sunday, May 25, 2008

Welcome to my Living Room


if i were to ever get a tattoo which i won't because even if i could afford it, i have better things i would spend my money on (like my 3 kids & my mom & oh yeah paying off Animal Control!) ....but if i did get inked, my tat would be in script like a cholo's, located across my shoulders - It would read:


hey! i think these are those rims that i love so much that got stolen and

RE-turned.....i found this negative behind the console stereo that's been spinning my brand new to me (3 in mint condition - $1.25 @ the goodwill)Peggy Lee Albums(!) They're sitting on the piano in that top pic....Oh it sounds glorious up in here. I wish i could borrow your ears so you could hear it.

Also: My fav. Aunt Glory Be who is doubling up on the dialyses and chemo - got sprung from the hospital on Tues. Yesterday we played Day Spa & did Treatmentz at her house (eucalyptus essential oil y todo) and today: SHE CAME OVER to our house for a visit! She looks good and [becuz of that] I am having a Happy (w/a touch of BLISSful) SUNDAY.... i wish you the same.


phryGIAN said...

Oh, I shall have the same.
maybe not this week.
But I'll get it
Never you worry
: ]

Lena said...

Greetings!Thanks for the comment!
You have good sense of humour ! I in Moscow 2 weeks had a rain and I had a sad mood! The sun now shines! Well! I wish good luck!

the heartful blogger said...

Man what a gorgeous living room! Lots of love to your Aunt. xxx