Friday, May 16, 2008

Mama Mia! OMG!

So my mom's Lupus "Flared UP" (as she puts it). It had been in remission. This is some serious business that can be controlled only by Strong meds. She is on Prednisone which is a STEROID. My Mother is all Juiced UP with her flare up. OMG. She is on the constant GO. She pulled the car up onto the front lawn and handwashed it, vacummed it out, did her toe nails, went to visit her sisters, ate @ Red Lobster with them, tried to take Pop-pops to HomeDepot to get more sand for his sandbox ( i said NO as i envisioned her slingin' 50 lb bags over her shoulder) so she visited her best friend Bobbie Villegas, went to the Dollar and Grocery stores, gave Happy a ride to town to do her electronic media project. ALL IN ONE DAY. That was when she was taking the highest milligram dosage of the dosage is tapering off so she's just doing triple the YELLING and has crazy ass violent tinged mood swings. It's like talking to the wall when i ask her kindly in my most non-confrontational way to Sit Down and take it easy, man. I neeeed me some subdue-ing type of Angels. Strong ones.

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