Saturday, November 17, 2007

and these are my prettiest girlies

I gotta be the Luckiest Mother on the Planet! My life is So Sweet, it really is. Sometimes i get scared that something bad
is going to happen. I worry too much. I couldn't get ahold of one of my kids and i thought the worst. I gotta Stop doing that.
I gotta trust in the Good Things. In the future good things, In the good things that have already happened. In the good things that are happening Right Now. Pop-pops went to bed relatively early and i have been surfin the net....enjoying my Saturday Night....I ate the cream cheese topping off of two slices of carrot cake my mom brought home from the church bake sale. I combed out all the scary-ass snarls in my hair. I feeeeel Good. So tell me, if you will: Whatta you got that's good/what makes You the Luckiest Mother on the Planet?


the heartful blogger said...

Well, for one thing, I got you - my best penpal ever. I got my two kitty babies. Jakey is right now asleep next to me with the tip of his tongue hangin' out, and twitchin in some kitty cat dream. And I got this tall guy who bakes and vacuums and makes me feel like magic. Ooh, and chocolate.

the heartful blogger said...

PS Zoe girl looks like my parents' labrador Juliet.

kizam said...

first of all thank you so much for writing to me on my like wow like wow....i didn't even know i had cool...thank you...
i am sooooo blessed as a mother and grandmother and animal mother. i have twins, boy and girl and each has given me two grandchildren. what a joy...but i live far away and that is why i wanted to start a blog but i can't figure out how to do the movies yet...i have an imac and i would love to post my lonely life on the farm. thank you for being. this year is going to be amazing i can feel it somethings coming. just knowing people like you are within reach is so calming...thank you for being. i'm sending out blessings to you and your family. i am trying to do some remodeling and curtains have been on my mind much i want to thank you for being an inspiration sweetpea.