Friday, November 02, 2007

DewBug Daycare's First Annual Halloween Soiree

Okay so the lil horsey was scared shitless of the skeleton decorations,
the Big Bird costume itched like a mother you know whatter (at the time of this photo poor Danielle was in the house dealing with a costume
melt-down), the bouncey house put toooo many limbs in very close contact with The Chomper, and Naptime was a no-go for some....I'd say it was a modest success. The hors-deurves were delish and the guests were (other than a few time-outs) Delightful.


Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

Looks like they all had mega fun!

changapeluda said...

You know, judging by all the shreeeeeeks of glee


I'd say you are exactly right.
Mega fun it was....

The punker biter boy was
scarey, though.

knitsteel said...

Very cute!

the heartful blogger said...

Looks like fun!!!! The kids in my neighborhood just go around starting fights and throwing firecrackers at each other. No cute costumes!

suzi blu said...

OMG I wish I was there!

Mathew Parkin said...

oh my god
this is the cutest post ever!
I want the horse costume
xx xx xx