Friday, November 09, 2007

Oh the THINGS i could post. About San Francisco and my Joy joy and The Drama and the Horrible Mean Meltdowns of the Terrible Twosies when the Pawn

Gets Overcrowded on the bus and some nice little woman of color gets up a few stops before her stop so the lil long haired commuter and I can have her side seat then has to stand hovering over us smiling as she hangs on to the pole with the black strap above our heads before she disappears into the herd of people gettin thru the back doors For Free....

My words and feeelingz are all in a jumble because i experienced such Cosmic Joy, man. And also the hills and my emotional rollercoaster that i was on were fucking steep & heartpoundingly STEEP. I admire the 18 & overness of my Big Son G. Sooooo much OH! my heart could just BURST. So I gotta

re-assemble myself back here in Nipomo and i'll let this Photobooth strip of pictures speak for themselves. I apologize for the unsightly baggage under my eyes but i stayed up all night High on Life and my boys were sleeping so sweetly and just getting to hug and kiss and watch them and i'm kinda proud of the bags under my eyes just a little....i'll be back with more hopefully unjumbliness Later.


Thanatos2424 said...

Yay for bloggingness!!!
I'm so happy you decided to post
about your visit.
: ]
Also, your post and your
comments make very little
sense. And I like
it that way

your son

changapeluda said...

very LITTLE sense?
that's what i was going for!
when the pawn is my homage to fiona mansana and that's all the 'splaining i am going to do.

muah! love u.

at least my word verification says "ratmex"
i never!

Twit said...

You look pretty fine to me, lady.

& your elation glows.

Just don't let it burn you up.


the heartful blogger said...

I love these photos! They are definitely full of joy. And yes, you do look fine. As always!

Beta Fishy said...

I agree with the rest you look wonderful and happy.

San Fran seems to have done you right!

changapeluda said...

Thank you all,
too kind...
has any of you actually Clicked
on that photo strip??

My 2 sons look handsome and i look happy yesss but kinda scary

a rare moment w/an absence of vanity for me. no time for make-up and i still had a fabulous time.

pinda said...

I zoomed in. It was a great sight.
(When people laugh they have little bags under their eyes. It looks cute. )

On the second photo it looks like you are performing a Haka (you know, like that wardance from the Moari's) haha! You can find the tekst on wikipedia. Scream it loud and tap on your roling muscles wile having that expression on your face.

Mathew Parkin said...

Thats really nice of her
its nice to know there are still kind people!
you look beautiful and so happy in the photo strip, its gorgeous
xx xx xx