Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Meanwhile Back in San Francisco

G. Lives on top of a steeeeep climb.

G. is always rushed and G. is pressed for time.

G. he Loves his mother, wears his heart upon his sleeve

G. bought her a train Ticket, couldn't wait for her to leave.

Heee heeee(just kidding!) although we did Bug the Shit out of him. G. is holding up a Brand Spankin' New Adult pass (he turned 18 during our visit!) And in his defense for wanting to get rid of us: we bug. We leave leggos Everywhere. We make a Lot of late night noise. We have problems with bedtime...Big meltdownz. Scream crying. G. got used to the quiet studio apartment life. And there was little brother Crying all loud & obnoxious for No reason, making a mess and having huge fits of babyrage during Delicious lunches we couldn't enjoy because Pop-pops prefers to chase the birds. And when the hill got too steep for me with the strollie and i had to take a break or two or three....G. kept at a brisk trudge wanted to push the strollie his own self so we could climb those steep ass five fucking blocks of calf muscle Work-a Mama Out OMG this UPhill climp to his studio....... - we kinda got into it about the big damn hurry he's in. But then he came home from his second shift [at work across the city], flew in the door with a "Lucy I'm Home!" and everything was Alright with the world. I love him so.

And he really was happy to have us visit. We got along just like old times so it really was Nice & Easy to get down & enjoy each other's company. Oh, I was Sooo Happy to see him. It is just amazing to me that he is so fucking determined/diligent/smart and he wants to accomplish So Much. Oh i got lucky, having him for a son.


the heartful blogger said...

Thank you for the love. I could so do with a visit from you!!! Big hugs.

T x

the heartful blogger said...

Hey sweetface - just got your postcard from the city, with a big old glittery heart on it. Thank you! :-))))

changapeluda said...

Wow, that was fast!
G. and i hit the craft aisles in the dollar stores and came home with a Bounty of DIY project ideas/ambition. One of our treasures was a four pack of Glitter Glue Pens!

Beta Fishy said...

I just love hearing about your adventures in San Francisco!

Thanatos2424 said...

Which one with my face

I can't tell.
maybe my face is always pressed

love you!

Mathew Parkin said...

lovely trip by the sounds
but ekkk big hill
xx xx xx

Thanatos2424 said...

Sowing my wild oats?
I don't get that
well...six of one
half a dozen of the other
it's a slippery slope my friend
and all that jazz

changapeluda said...

i tried to look it up,
and got something to do
with the geography of Latvia
now What i ask you
WTF does that have to do
with the price of Tea
in China??