Friday, November 02, 2007

Pop-pop's First Ride on a Train. Choooo chooooooo

All Abooooarrrd!!

So what - we only got to travel on the rails for 25 minutes out of our 6 hour trip. It was without incident and way more relaxed, as opposed to the other time spent on the damn bus the Bus! Amtrak is tricky that way (anyway, we prefer our genteeel country bus w/its absence of cupholders, and the bus driver Waits and even once helped me with the strollie and nobody is squishing nobody) It was a Very Nice 25 minutes train ride. Smooooth and flat, as we strolled up to the dining car and got a very Cold Water and a lovely Cookie to share with our little friends that made the trip with us.

Marshlands? We got everything on the central coast! Home again home again jiggity jig.

"OH YEahh!!! "
if you asked Pop-pops, "So, did you have a good time?" i think this look says it all.


Mathew Parkin said...

6 hours? goodness!
he looks so sweet, like a cutiepie
haha the last photo is wonderful
ohh cookie
its amazing how much kids love train journeys!
xx xx xx

the heartful blogger said...

What a sweetie, what did you put in his cookie mama? He looks a little...dazed.

the heartful blogger said...

PS I much prefer trains to buses. Yessiree.