Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Busride of DEATH (again)

G. thinks i exaggerate but this Really did happen. There's a big wide turn to get on the 101 from a frontage road just outside of Nipomo. That's where the bus hit the soft shoulder and kinda started to skid then did a little bit of tipping. I am not making this up....My heart skipped a beat. I had Pop-pops right by me and i thought we were going to die. I thought, "this is it, we're Gonna GO on the Bus! the bus! the bus the bus!!" Pop-pops still sings that in the mornings on our way to the bustop and Dew Bug Daycare.....Now, I want you to know that I didn't think that immediately after we skidded. It wasn't 'til we were traveling smoothly down the road that i thought about perishing in a bus accident. We had already done righted ourselves and come out of that sharp turn. Oh - i'm sure all the wheels stayed on the ground it just FELT like we were going to flop onto mine & Poppity's side windows. It was just the tiniest bit of a close call but it got me thinking about dying. Dying in a crash. And how i hoped it won't hurt. I got very morbid and scared and started thinking about all the people that would be bummed about me & Pop-pops dying like that. Did I tell you Jesus was on the bus with us? His look alike anyway....and this construction worker hottie ( an angel! with WINGS,)....he was kinda like my angel of death letting me know it's going to be okay. I felt that from him. A reassurance. That it would be okay if/when we died. Honestly, i wouldn't lie to you about something like this. I think shit like this is very important. On that day, riding the 101 freeway, I felt a sense of peace [about fricken dying!] riding that bus with my littlest munchkin. Especially since Jesus was on board but mostly because of my good looking angel wearing the t-shirt with the skull/sign of the Dead - w/Wings, i tell you.....i know how weird that sounds/i am. Just thought i'd remind ya'll just How Much.

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