Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Tuesdays: I'll take 'em ANYway i can get 'em!

Lately Happy has been asking me to "Take a picture mom! So you could put it on your blog." So i do. Tonight she invited me to go outside with her to take pix of her jumping rope.

Earlier it was, "Mom, take a picture of me and Pop-pops playing so you could put it on your blog." Last week during some pre-Valentine crafting she wanted me to get an action shot of her cuttin' up....again suggesting I put it on my blog
....I think it's cool that she wants to be so involved in my bloggingz. That's hard to come by. Plus; she is Pretty as a picture, isn't she? I did have to tell her no when she asked me to put up that one picture, the one that she e-mailed me - of her and her dad. I can't put my favourite and the best babydaddy's picture up on my blog! That would really piss him off. Although i kinda want to. If only just to show off (he's hot). Oh well, maybe someday.


the heartful blogger said...

She sure is pretty!!!

Thanatos2424 said...

I like how there aren't any pictures of ME up there...
Just kidding. Last time you were
here we kinda didn't get a chance
Or if we had it would have been me
like this ---> X[

knitsteel said...

I miss Happy Tuesday photo shoots.