Sunday, February 03, 2008

Meanwhile Back in Nipomo

DUMPSTER DIVINGZ: A work in progress

This next pic down: here's where i start to add my own distinctive flare and started really driving my brother bananas! hee heee oh yeah...i was stuffing stuffed animals in the doors of the dumpster adding old halloween witch's hats to the tippy top of branches i had leaned onto the dumpster instead of putting them in, i think i started taking stuff OUT at this point, which really pissed him off but i don't even Care - my older brother: not only is he a gaping asshole of gargantuan proportions, he's also a killjoy.

I took this next pic for Happy! She would come walking home from school, and see these horrendous looking signs made and staked (by my brother) right out in front of the big ass woodpile. She found them offensive so would pull them out and chuck them somewhere else in the yard....i think they look good right where they are, don't you?

displaced kitteh! Oh how they miss their Monster Van. So i used to do side jobs with this guy named Dumpster Duffy...the first job we ever did together was a cement driveway...we were shoveling sand and i guess i was really gettin' into it because he says to me, "Easy there, Tiger....take it easy. We're getting paid By the Hour." Sound he really was very good at dumpster diving, hence his well earned nickname. Ole Dumpster Duff, one of his funny little mottos: We dive at five! No Muff too Tuff!


Lena said...

Greetings! Many thanks for your kind words1
It is very a pity to me , that plants and flowers get on a dump! I love trees and flowers.I wish good luck! Good bye! Lena.

Beta Fishy said...

I am saying prayers for you here in Texas. I hope you are okay.

the heartful blogger said...

Hee hee!!

Thanatos2424 said...


Oogum boogum
Lemme out of here!