Thursday, February 21, 2008

Those 1928 Chevy Model A Rims?? They came back!

My brother actually brought them back, isn't that beautiful?!? I have no idea why he did (actually had my cousin Darin do it, but still) or why i think they are so gorgeous (old ugly tires???). Mayhaps because they came to symbolize something greater. I have a cousin named Angel (no lie) who offered to go get them for me from my cousin No Avail. My aunt Big Josie called, she said to instigate. She told me she thought what was goin' on was a bunch of bullshit. She's just like her sister, my mom and likes the chisme and to call it like she sees it. So she offered up her son and his truck so that i might get them back. So there i had my peeps out there lookin' for those hubs, but those damn hubs were very elusive. All my efforts ended in silly frustrationz and i was gonna give it up already, felt like i was kickin' a dead horse. When all of a sudden and outta the blue: there they were! Finally some sort of weird justice. Whoo Hoooo!!! Y Con Gusto, I celebrated their return. I believe I was jubilant as i rode my bike down to La Chiquita and bought a six pack of Tecate and a lime (also a gatorade for Happy, a pepsi for my mom and Top Ramen for little Mr. Soup Please!) I was also Definitely Celebrating a conversation i had with my brilliant G. and how he helped me to decide it's time that I Stop demonizing my oldest brother. It doesn't matter who screwed whom...the fact is: We're screwed. I'm sure the bank doesn't give a rat's ass who's the rightful owner of this house! G. is pragmatic and wants me always to face the music....So then - right after this one last prickly little post, I'm going to shed this role i tire of....the youngest/little sister/victim assuming the position...because after much careful, resentful, obsessive consideration: i've resolved that shit. So my brother's a prick. So what? I'm not surpised about that anymore and his being a prick is not going to stop me from livin' my life and going on with my plan of action. I just got a little stumbly when the Foreclosure wasn't so iminent. But now that That is over and the rims are back where they belong, i'm okay with my situation in life. And that might be temporary but isn't everyfuckinthing in this world Temporary? So Fuck It, i say. I'm going to be happy
and Drink Beer!
Like Kool & the Gang, i am going to


Markitos said...

Every things Temp. Wish I could get thru some of my friends. The beer realy helps too

Thanatos2424 said...

Hear, hear!!

Girl of Approval said...

You are so creative. Love it!