Monday, February 18, 2008

The Last of the Dumpter Divingz

This was actually fun! I love balancing. It's even better when you're at least 10 feet off the ground....

When i thought of the energy it took for him to hoist this up - hee heee! did he think it was actually going to Stay? please.
I found that he had gone thru my special wood pile that i told him to keep his mitts off of. I dug around a little and found My babies' crib was under all this pallet mess - i couldn't get it out by myself. My dad had bought that crib for G. and Happy had slept in it, too. Two spindles were broken on it but i was mostly interested in the curved headboard part with the carved flowers. When i told Happy about it she said, "Mom! Get it out!" I told her i couldn't and believe me, I tried. So she called up her boyfriend and we set up two ladders side by side so we could work together to salvage our heirloom. I took a saw to it and we're going to paint it to hang above her door. I love Happy's determination. It makes me smile when i think about it.

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the heartful blogger said...

She gets it from you you know!! So happy you salvaged it. xxx