Thursday, February 14, 2008

Saint Valentine's Day Massacre!!!!

It sucks when Bad History Repeats itself, doesn't it??? And in other fucked up news....i was forced to bring out my poison pen....the one that is mightier than the sword....with which i wrote my older brother a letter. He came over while i was at Daycare and asked my mom for money Again. She told him he was going to have to Deal With Me about that. She also grilled him about putting this house up for sale. Has he done it? We have heard from our family in Guadalupe that "the old homestead is on the market." He lied about that, too? Who knows. I cannot believe that he came here and asked our mother for money in the first place. That just burns my ass. He already got hundreds of thousands of dollars by screwing her out of her inheritance now he wants her to help pay How he did it....So, as you can see - i had plenty of writing material. I started out with: "Ever since this whole foreclosure business has gone down, Nobody has stood up to you and told you that what you are doing is Fucked Up. Well, I am here to tell you that it is." The jist of it being Stay away from my mama and Quit trying to screw her Some More. I've decided to give him the money for the property taxes which are $700 a year divided by 12 that's 58 bucks a month. I then rolled up $116 (for January and February) in small bills wrapped into a fat little tube tied off with a rubberband. Then basically, thru my "and your wife is a crazed and delusional BITCH/lying sack of shit, etc." part of my wonderfully therapeutic letter -told him to take that money and shove it up his ass. That's just the kinda little sister i am when you fuck my mother over. What a nice Valentine's Day we had. Then whaddaya know...the very next morning - and only God knows why - he has my cousin Darin bring me back those rims. Huh. I still haven't figured that one out. With the way that i let loose (i even went so far as to include calling a halt to his truck backing up/stealing and encouraged him to let his wife read my letter) i thought for sure i'd never see those rims again.


the heartful blogger said...

Sorry to hear your Valentine's Day turned out like this, but good that you wrote him that letter and finally told him what you thought. You're a lot more generous than I am though, I wouldn't have given him a cent.

changapeluda said...

i know that i am torn about that
i kinda feel like
Patty Hearst (in my brainwashed theory)
is getting to keep the armed bank robbery monies!!


i think that's funny!