Saturday, February 09, 2008

OMG! I'm Too Sexy for My Shirt!

I'm Having one of those Smoldering Saturday Nights wherein i become desperate for some FUN and then easily Amused....also i can't get Pop-pops to Go To Sleep already and i feel kinda like being naughty and
child-free and just maybe wreaking some havoc somewhere....only i'll just stay in. Stare at myself in the mirror, eat a huge bowl of cereal and watch bad Saturday Night Television (especially since we ain't got No Cable). And even with that: i'm pretty pleased.


Thanatos2424 said...

You should go party it up somewhere!


Lena said...

HAHAHA!Indeed! You have very precisely written all about the grandmother! Thanks for your comment!!Elena.

the heartful blogger said...

Wow, wolf whistle gorgeous! Love that shirt!!

Apologies for lack of commenting and responding to emails of late, have been on computer a lot less lately, but have since posted up pics of my first knitted piece!

Will write to you soon.

Love, T xxx

La Sirena said...

happy v.d., changa!