Wednesday, May 20, 2009


In a sweet ghetto twist: The least worse brother, who initiated all this trailer snatching drama? Can't even BE in San Luis Obispo County (according to his Probation Officer)he's restricted to Santa Barbara County....but just in case we bought a big ole lock for the trailer hitch!


Anonymous said...

This dreadful saga sure has a lot of Flukey Luck Relief running through it!

changapeluda said...

YeAH it Does!!


i'd have a hard time believing it if it wasn't happening to me/us

and even Then (!)

the heartful blogger said...

So that means he can get his ass arrested right?

Anonymous said...

Touch that trailer and his ass is busted!! love it. You probably should paint some of those wonderful hearts and things all over the side of it to celebrate.

Girl of Approval said...

Ha ha. Now you don't have to poop on everything!

Congrats on a twisted piece of luck.