Tuesday, May 12, 2009


is there anybody out there?
can anybody hear me?

Mmmm que la fregada....i was never one to care so much about being popular
(i mean poopular and/or pop out at parties)....but seeing the big goose egg in the ole comment section sometimes hurts my feelers! Mostly i write for myself but comments are fun/courteous/engaging/wanted....

For sure i know the following people read my blog

The Heartful Blogger
Girl of Approval
Glory Be
La Sirena
Danielle of DewBug Daycare
a cool chick named Dwyn
a transportable anonymous person
my least favourite babydaddy
Happy when i make her
Pinda used to
Buffy tambien
Super Jive (of I,Asshole fame) maybe

and i think that's it. Which is fine. Pretty cool, actually. I love my groovy cross sectionz of peoples i know & met thru cyberspace or gave birth to that come here regularly. But are there more, is what i want to know. i am bein' all trepiditious when i write this, i'll have you know; don't want you to get me wrong. i want more but worry about being greedy, when really i'm just Very curious....
as to who else might be comin' around here, clicking on a post or two, possibly enjoying themselves, reading my life, lookin at my pix. Is there anybody who is lurkey looing right this minute? If you are - & it's not too much trouble - can you leave a comment/spare an electronic dime/penny for your thoughts??

Here's what can happen/what i'm putting out in the Universe
Leave me a comment and i'll fix us up a Give-Away....a drawing/pick a random commentor out of a hat &
i will totally mail that commentor a found art/hobo/nut-headed angel or a groovy candy apple red sacred heart lovingly papier mache'd by yours truly,
or...what else? Ooh! how 'bout A Lickey Split Cleaning Service Wifebeater (A-line tank top for all you non-ghetto peeps if Any) w/orginal art by my Favourite Babydaddy (ironed on, of course) Even if you don't want a little of my so called art! Lemme hear from you, let it be your good deed for the day....you never know,
you might Like it..


Anonymous said...

I am the transportable person from across the continent. Your blog is so different to me and yet so special because it is like tasting something you never knew you could eat. I hoped your bank cocksuckers would fall into a pond and drown. There, I said it. Good luck.

phryGIAN said...

I'm here!
I wish I wasn't sometimes
but I'm here
maybe I should be there?

Anonymous said...

A drawing?!

I can't wait..

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm here...
Goin' back through the years to catch up on your life. I think I'm almost there. Send me a tee with the baby daddy pinup, goddammit.

Rosa of Boredom Note fame

Girl of Approval said...

I want one!! I always read, it may not be timely and I may not always comment, but I read each and every post.

You have a lot more followers than I... I have three... maybe four if that.

Dwyn said...

Hey, I'm a cool chick named Dwyn!

Also: I'm here! And reading! And loving your groovy pictures/art/words. It's all good!

Anonymous said...

Well I am a another lurker. I usually check out your blog now and again. I caught it when you sent something to Suzi Blu a while back. I think you are a cool ballsy lady and I love all the spanglish. I love your eye for finding art in what anyone would find trivial. I really think your muy chingona.

the heartful blogger said...

Hey there, you know about me. I don't get to read as often as I like, but I'm here and always thinking of you, even if you ain't having a give away...xxx