Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, Mama!!

Oh! - my - GOD! We had such a good time on the side of the house yesterday. Not only did i completely avoid/hide out/not have to Deal with visits from 2 hoity toity aunts (which is always a plus because as they get older, they get meaner)... Pop-pops and i had So much fun - at one point we lost our pants, that's how much fun it was....
With joyful & messy ass enthusiasm, Pop-pops's favourite part was the squeeeezing out of the paint.
My favourite (and lovely) parts
1. my mom got me a creamy and expensive but worth it face lotion called eB5 that is only sold in finer department stores.
2. i got my mom scratchers called easy money and she won 25 bux on one and 2 two dollah ones. woo hoo
3. G. wrote me the most bitchen mother's day post i've ever read in my life on his blog. i keep thinking about how sweet but funnily sassy/jazzy (in a good acerbic way) it's written.
4. Happy gave me a heart necklace that i heart
and she gave me a card in which she wrote "I love you sooo much" at least six times.
5. Pop-pops was my energetic and far flinging partner in big messy art and turned me on to the accidental then deliberate drip-splat method of painting.

and 6. when my happy mother's day turned into night, i made a little time for Romance (in the dark) and papier mache'd by candlelight.
Oh, it was good to the last drop!
Being a single mom is hard but mostly it's Beautiful.
I Love my babies and they Love me. And so: To give credit where credit is due - my mother sure did a good job raising me, right?
For that, i am eternally grateful and inspired

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Girl of Approval said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!! I hear it's a primo club to belong to.... :o)