Saturday, January 05, 2008

Calling in the Cavalry or is that Calvacade?

She can't let one day go by Without some sort of Scrambling. It's still pretty new. This potentially devestating state of affairs Changa has found herself in. And even though it is slightly Off and grandiose to talk of herself in third person: she still does it! Because she thinks she can.

hee heeee. I started that other blog. It's called Lickety Split Rescue Aid Society and as i am still semi e-tarded i still don't link. Have you ever noticed that about me? I don't even link to my own Other Blog. I don't know how. I also don't know how to change my picture. G. my very smart and loveable son; he does it for me....i just don't seem to want to learn how and that attitude has got to Stop. besides, it's probably so easy a 4yr old can do it....but anywhoo it's neither here nor there because i am launching it....tomorrow JANUARY 6, 2008. That's my magical angel attended to date....1-6-08 Whooo hooo! it's got a six and an 8 in it and not only is it a fact that seven ate nine: I was born in '68. I am taking that as a sign that this blog will be succesful and gets All Kinds of Traffic...traffic that is rich. Shoot i'll take any kinda traffic ...oh dag! i should get a counter. I've always wanted a counter. I'm excited.


the heartful blogger said...

Ok, here's how to make a link.

When you are in the box that allows you to compose your message, type the name of your blog, then highlight it with your mouse and then click on the symbol in the little tool bar above the white space that looks like an infinity sign. A box will come up that says hyperlink. In the box called URL: after the http://, type in your blog address and then click on ok. Voila, you've put a link in. Give it a go. If it doesn't work, email me.

the heartful blogger said...

PS when you type in your blog address, make sure you don't have http:// twice as then the link won't work.

Then, publish your post and try clicking on the link in your actual blog page to see if it works!