Friday, January 04, 2008

I've been sitting on this since New Year's Day

So my oldest brother is the one who owns this house and property. He is the one that has been paying the property taxes and insurance and all that jazz since 1987....he is also the one who took All the equity out of the house and property (which was completely paid for) to buy his family a house in Santa Maria. Meanwhile this house leaked like a motherfucker and the ceiling caved in on my mother's head so she moved in with me for a few looong years and then i moved us back in here (well out in the backyard in a Tipi first) with the grand scheme of fixin this ole house UP. So it's taken me a while but things are pretty groovy up in here, arched to the point of tunnel-dome and very cozy i think. During the renovation my oldest brother just thought i was a complete nutjob because the foundation is cracked and then i went and built everything up and they kept telling me (my 2 carpenter brothers) that i needed to bulldoze this place and start with a clean foundation....Yada yada yada....My own two hands, at my own expence etc....never lifted a finger to help and so on and so forth....

So let us now fast forward to New Year's Day of this brand new year my mom comes home from a visit with my older brother. Her face is ashen as she walked in the door to tell me the house is in Foreclosure. If that isn't the most shiteous thing that could happen: My other brother the town drunk was here as well....that's when me & Happy had to extract him with the help of the palote. That news was the impetus of the big ruckus. He got beligerent over talk of selling my dad's old non-running van from the '70's OMG....So much Drama already this year. And it's what, the Fourth of January?!?

After the drunken ghetto scene which concluded with my brother the town drunk doing a fine rendition of Marlon Brando's "Stelllla!" - fricken bellowing my mom's name, then mine right outside the dining room window. (I got a couple of fine brother's don't i?) Happy was whisked away to a safehouse (my favourite babydaddy de todo el mundo) So I made my mom call my older brother to get me the Bottom line - as in how much do we owe and how long do we have. Okay, are you ready because i thought this was a shocker:

Five Thousand Dollars and 2 months to come up with it.

i think i can do it.

If Ever there was a Do or Die situation, this is It, man. I have been making lists of stuff i can do sell or rally around. I am buying lotto tickets. I am lighting candles. I am crunching numbers with Danielle of DBug DCare to see how many workshops of artsy fartsy i can fit in 60 days. I am seeking more Gainful Employment (starting Monday morning). I am taking stock of what construction equipment i have to put on craigslist. I'm even thinking of selling my [sic] art on e-bay. I am pulling out all the stops. I am starting another blog that i will put one of those paypal thingers on and do whatever i can/have to....that is non-sexual or humiliating....i don't want to do it on this blog because i wanna spare you guys as it's kind of a desperate - okay it Is a desperate move but Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures. I'm gonna attempt to make money off my sacred shit. I don't know how successful i will be but i know i'm going to try my hardest. Hallelujah! & Good thing i learned all about angels and how much they can help because this is one of them times when i need them angelz the Most. I need them and i have always strived not to be a needy chick. But i cannot just let my mother's legacy go for 5 grand. I just can't. So that's what i've been dealing with and thanks for letting me come clean. Lickety Split, indeed.


the heartful blogger said...

Oh wow, this is big. Fuck!! But you know what, I know you can do it. Sending you helping angel vibes and prayers. xxx

knitsteel said...

Oh ugh.
Yes, I think you can do it. How shitty, to go into foreclosure over $5000.

Beta Fishy said...

I am sure that you can do it as well. You are a super woman.

Good luck and big hugs from Texas