Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas Angels kick some ass

At least Christmas Day didn't suck....Christmas Eve for that matter, did not suck too bad, either. There was only one mild (by my standards) drunken incident that sent poor Bandrew home but other than that: without incident. It was New Years Day that i needed This little Angel. It was awful...All's i can say is i'm glad i'm a big strong sturdy girl who is not easily pushed (physically)around and OMG! Happy is the most Fierce little chick i know and Tio Nat better not come up in here dissin' her Nana or my little Happy is gonna be after him with a palote/rolling pin. For real, yo. I don't know how much more quintessentially ghetto we can get. But no po-po got involved (@ my mother's request) and nobody was physically hurt. Pop-pops thought it was a fucken farce. It gave him the shriekin giggles. Thank my broken beer bottle winged pinto bean feeted angelz above [oh them lovely angels that protect children, they're the best] that my Poppity is too young to know What's Really goin down and how Menacing it really was. And it started out So Lovely, too! Dagnabbit. Earlier on we had taken A beautiful country stroll with me and my younger two going to the elementary school to play on the bitchen playground equipment. We had to doff our beannies, it was so sunshiney & Beautiful/Gorgeous in Nipomo on this first day of 2008. Happy New Year, ya'll. I'm all a jumble and can't stand it that the first thing i post is the last one up here tonight. I gotta lot to say! It's been a while. The good news is that We are all intact and ready for some Good Changes cuz you know what? We deserve them changes for the good. For a change! Having to put up with all this bullshit.

Prospero Ano y Felicidadeeesimos ( i made that up)!

Oh and HEY! my computer is fixed! Yay for the Angels who i asked to help me ( w/the jacked up VCR, too!) and yay for all the angels ( i wish you lots) that i hope will find all of you and yay for all of us and our brand spankin new year - to do with what we will.


knitsteel said...

I like the angels very much, not so sweet, much more transient.

the heartful blogger said...

Your angels are so beautiful!!