Sunday, January 06, 2008

I'm frightened Auntie Em!

OMG this is in regards to that whole other blog i'm starting: it seemed like such a brilliant idea. but most of my ideas seem like that at first and now
it's like i don't want to do it anymore but i know that i have to. I don't know where to start. Do i state my real name? Do i want to? Does everyone already know it? Does anyone give a shit? How much exactly should i put myself out there? And i already got some OMG i'm crazy feedback from my favourite aunt, well her girlfriend Uncle Kim. She looked at those groovy angels i made outta wood and broken mirror (THose angels) and she said, "Are these the angels she was talking about?" Then made that oh-yep-she's-nuts face. I get that all the time though, from various people and varied situations. My thing here lately is that i don't want to embarrass G. (oh i had to learn how to change my own picture which was embarrassingly easy so i'll probably change it everyday) But i know i just need to buck up and do this...what have i got to lose....But to make a short post long:
One of my favourite parts of the Wizard of Oz is when the Wicked Witch mocks Dorothy (see pix on right), her delicious whining screech as she gleefully teases Dorothy w/"Aunteeee Em Aunteeeee Em (witch's laugh)
I'll give you Auntie Em, my pretty!!!"
Only in our own at home version of The Wizard of Oz -
G. and i changed that to "Auntie Em! Auntie Em! I've got your Auntie Em, Right Here!!"
Oh G. how I miss you and for once am glad you flew out of this nest.


the heartful blogger said...

Hey Dorothy, you don't have to put your real name, I don't think it matters. But if you're gonna sell stuff, do it through a site like Etsy which will have secure ways for people to pay etc. You can link to your etsy shop from your blog as well, like this person does on her blog:

Good luck!

the heartful blogger said...

PS What does Uncle Kim really know about your beatific angels???

the heartful blogger said...

PPS Not exactly sure how to set up an Etsy shop account, but I'm sure it's easy. Go to and here's a page all about how to sell:


Mathew Parkin said...

Oh you should set up an esty shop (I don't know how it work either but it looks lovely).
I don't think your crazy, I just think your fab!
xx xx xx