Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I can't Stop the Rain

There were a set of 1928 Chevy Model A tires. Hubs, rims with spokes out in the yard....i researched them on the internet and found out they were worth $265. I had leaned two of them against a tree and thought maybe i could make something else out of them. Something worth more than $265. I dream kinda big. Plus they were beautiful - sturdy and OLD with chipped red paint on one side, yellow on the other.... i envisioned them in a garden gate or under glass as a coffee table. 5 of them! There were five. So it was with more than just my average outraged disappointment that my brother let my cousin's FRIEND have them all. For motherfuckin' FREE! Well F that noise. I meant to right that wrong so i talked to my cousin who pretended like he had No Idea what tires/rims carpart i was even talking about then finally gave it up that they might be in his friend's truck....Well there i go marchin' on over there like Oprah Winfrey in The Color Purple. "Oh HELL No(!) was he gonna take those '28 Chevy Model A spoke rims." was what i was thinkin'. I told him in no uncertain terms, this scavenger practically stealing from me....put 'em back. I think i shocked him a little cuz he did exactly what i said pretty quickly. Well he had my cousin's 2 sons do it. I watched them roll them off and put them in the front yard. Well wouldn't you know it, My Brother waited until it was DARK out and FUCKING RAINING (while i'm in the house w/Pop-pops, my hands are tied while i'm waiting for him to LEAVE so i could bring them in the House where it's safe - for now) and Loaded them in his truck and took them back to my cousin's house. Now this to me is Beyond Asshole. Isn't it bad enuf that he took all the money out (never puttin any in to even fix the roof which fucking Leaked) then wants to sell the roof (that my sister bought the raw material for! this of course after the ceiling caved in)over his own mother's head (and his sister and his niece and nephew) - and put us all out in the street..? With all his rim theiving wayze, he ALSO wants to prevent me from making some money for at least a fricken hotel room. ..So the subsequent phone call to try to get back what i had Already gotten back that he TOOK again (did i tell you these goddam rims have been in the yard prolly since the 1930's?!?) only resulted in him having to be hung up on Again. What the fuck is a girl to do?!? I'm going to my cousins house and gettin' them back. I've had it with taking all of this lying down bullshit.


Thanatos2424 said...

Damn Mom
I turn around and
you've blogged your way
into the apocalypse
I like how you post one thing
in a week and then 6 things
all at once. I should talk though
I haven't posted in FOREVER

Love you

La Sirena said...

What's with your brother all up in your business?

Tell him!

Thanatos2424 said...

Its all well and good to say
F the nose to the grindstone
But, I gotta make that $$
Guess who hung out with
SJ today!!
It was so funny
I'll email you about it

changapeluda said...

my brother is a complete jerk who won't listen to anyone but his scarey wife....
I was being facetious, gah bite my head off why don't you....Yay! SJ & the $3bill!!

Kwiz said...

Oh boy!

changapeluda said...

OMG! Does any body else but me Happy and her little boyfriend see the angel in the clouds?!?!

the second pic down, aye
check it out!

Happy says it's kinda Creeeepy!


the heartful blogger said...

It amazes me that your brother is related to you. What the f*** is up with him? And despite all this, you're still seeing angels. You're amazing.

the heartful blogger said...

I see them too!!!

And I hope you got the tire rims back.

changapeluda said...

i sure did...i have no idea why or how but my cousin pulled up w/them one fine morning
this happens
the day after my brother recieved the most deserved but contained rant that my poison pen could scribble out....hmmmm