Friday, January 04, 2008

Even after all of This Bullshit, i still find stuff like this Fun To Do

I'm just phat like that. Big Fat Weirdo that i am. And always will be. And just as a friendly reminder that what i say is true: Here i am pretending to be Cousin It:

Here i am pretending to be Cousin It throwing down the Peace Sign. By the way: In 2008, I wish the Whole World some Peace this year, man COME On!!

i kinda feel a little like Brit Brit in this one....with the laughing and the crying and the going crazies. i been doin' too much of That(even Way more than usual) oh Poor Britney Spears, i was so sad for her when i heard about the Papparazzo Banging on the doors of her ambulance and shoving cameras at the back window to catch her at a worse moment of her short life....she's sick, ya'll. And thank God and Tortilla Mary that i don't have it as bad as her. I hope things get better for her, too. (as well as us)


the heartful blogger said...

I just wonder if they'd give Brit as hard a time if she wasn't famous.

Love that funny dog thing with the squishy face in the mirror btw!!

changapeluda said...

it's from dollar store halloween window sticker packet. Happy has a bitchen one of a skeleton in a tophat and tails on her mirror.

poor Britney (Unfitney) she is giving herSelf the hard time. but it's because she's sick. in the head. for real.