Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Dr. King! My brother is a lying sack of Shit!

The junkyard guy showed up to take these two beauties away For Free (per my sneaky snake of a bro) So I went out there w/my baby on my hip and told him that he wasn't taking them because they were on craigslist and then i painted me a sign out there. He was a nice young kid and not the owner of the junkyard with whom my brother had shady arrangements; This kid was very respectful and he actually knew my dad (my dad had built this kid's grandma's house - small world ain't it?) He understood and off he went. SO after a while i guess the owner of the junkyard called my brother and my brother calls my mom and proceeds to Chew her out! Giving her the riot act and telling her he was going to GET FINED because the county people are showing up TODAY...has this dude checked his fuckin calender lately? It's Martin Luther King Jr.'s b-day. My mom handled that phone call like a pro! She was so good about it, telling him, "Don't worry about it, I'll take care of it." But then ended up having to hang up on him....So far he hasn't shown up....the tow truck guy did again but i told him my brother isn't the owner of the trucks and No, again he understood. I am now waiting for my brother's other shoe to fall.

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knitsteel said...

Won't a salvage person buy them from you directly and haul them off? There's good money in scrap steel right now. It's all going to China.