Saturday, April 26, 2008

As of May 16, 2008 The House is supposedly going into FORECLOSURE

And my mom was told to go apply for public housing. Can you believe that bullshit?? It Maybe that i am in Denial - but i just don't see that happening. I am still holding out for a miraculous intervention by the Angels of Justice. Even though I went to see a lawyer and she told me that since my grandfather signed the deed to the house over to my brother in the hospital the night he died OMG (!) that what he (my grandfather)intended - [which We ALL know was for my mom to have the house and a roof over her head and for it to be in her oldest son's name so that she wouldn't lose her Disability/Social Security Implement]is a Hard thing to prove. Only I don't think so. It's all in my family's historical facts and totally makes sense. My mom took care of my Grandfather until the minute that he died of cancer. The months leading up to his death involved Oxygen tanks, bedpans, feeding tubes AT HOME (in this house!)He became so frail and unable to keep himself warm that she actually slept with him for body warmth. And this is just how she took care of him in sickness....Let's Add to this thickening plot that his wife and mother of his 10 kids - My Nana - my mom's mom had died way too early ( when i was 3 months old) leaving my mom with 5 younger siblings still in school....She took over the role of Matriarch with ease and Love and a heightened sense of responsibility. Even though she had FIVE kids of her Own....even though her husband left her for another woman after she was diagnosed with Lupus, almost died, and became permanently disabled. I feel like i could write a Hallmark Hall of Fame Sunday night movie outta this stuff. So the good news is that in light of all that she had Been and Done for my grandfather, he left her this house. Well, the lawyer said What it would boil down to is a "he (my brother)said vs. she (my mother)said" type of dealio. My brother, and now his horrid wife's names are on the deed. They think they had every right to take all the equity OUT so that they could buy their own house. They set themselves up at my mother's expense. For Real. They would rather throw her out on the street then do the right thing. They prefer to Leave her with nothing. To fend for herself at 71. I know for a fact that this is Not what my grandfather intended....but he's a dead grandpa & can't speak for himself No More....She (this Really Nice lawyer)also went on to say that what is being done is WRONG but there is the Legal Law and a Moral Law blah blah blah....meanwhile my mom is so stressed out about being homeless that she's broken out in fricken shingles. And me? I'm JUST ENUF OF A WHACKJOB, just that much of a crazy chick that I still have Faith that everything is gonna be Alright. Hey! I may be living in a Tipi again. Tipis are so cool....Plus G. told me HOME is WHERE the Heart IS. And i believe that to be true. Oh, God help us.


knitsteel said...

I'll be asking those angels to help you too. Doesn't your brother care where his mom lives? Maybe she should move into his house.

changapeluda said...

Ha ha ha! OMG his wife and my mom would end up seriously hurting one another.
my sister-in-law is vile.
Remember that $116 i gave to my brother in small bills all rolled up and secured with a rubberband?

When my mom went to their house to get foreclosure papers so she could apply for emergency housing;This crazy wench THREW it at my mom's head!!

Nope, they would not make good roommies, At All.

Maria said...

So sorry about what is happening to you guys. I really believe in karma and everything takes care of itself eventually. I know things will get better for you and your mother. I love your blog, you seem like a great person. Good luck to you.

the heartful blogger said...

The shittiness of some people never ceases to amaze me. But I have faith too. You and your Mom will win in the end. I just know it.