Thursday, April 17, 2008

Post #2 From San Francisco

G.'s First Paid Gig! He played trumpet for what he thought would be Easter Services in a Catholic Church. Saturday turned out to be a baptism ceremony that lasted five and a half HOURS. I was supposed to pick him up at 9:30pm and he had been there since 6. We waited in the car for a while before Pop-pops got bored and not so easily contained so we farted around outside, taking pictures of Jesus, Mary and a few saints. After what seemed like way too long, we walked into the church, genuflected, i blessed myself and Pop-pops and thought mass should be Over By Now....only to notice (w/impatient horror) that the communion offerings had not even Been Offered! Ugh! That meant we still had the better part of an Hour to Go! Oh well, it wasn't too long before my Catholic upbringing kicked in and I was being all consoled by the rituals and the fervent prayers...It felt Good to be in Church. And Miracle of miracles Pop-pops sat quietly thru the whole thing. Alleluia it was more of the same for Sunday. Thank you, Jesus (or Joooosis as Pop-pops calls Him).

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the heartful blogger said...

Oh what a cutie in his outfit!!!!!