Monday, April 28, 2008

I Had a Freaky Nightmare

And in it I was very worried about my lipstick because i had to walk through a cemetary to get to a Pub where they were having an Old Time Country Music/Bluegrass jam session only i didn't know any of the songs and i only had four dollars which was exactly how much one glass of really dark crappy beer cost me. So i put the tip on my ATM credit card. Two dollars. Since i couldn't use a debit card just for gratuity i had to purchase Another beer. The 2nd beer was thicker, darker, and tasted worse than the 1st. So i drank it fast.

In this very bad dream, I had left my guitar in another room and i couldn't get to it without having to walk right thru the Circle of Musicians. So I left the bartender a note only i don't know what it said and i escaped out a back exit that wasn't really an exit. There were big rolling chain link gates. Two of them - and they were both chained closed with padlocks. i decided to climb over to get out. I ended up at 7/11, eating some disgusting nachos with the fake nacho meat chili and the fake nacho cheese that tastes like plastic cheddar on top of unnaturally round tortilla chips. Pickled jalapenos. I remember hanging out in a parking lot. I was Very Pissed Off and anxiously worried about my brother's wife telling my mom that when the foreclosure went through, a sherriff was going to come to our house and ask her to vacate the property or else they would arrest her. I agonized over Happy and Pop-pops bearing witness to this. Then my friend Danielle showed up with NO kids in her mini-van and gave me a ride home.
Only this wasn't a Nightmare. i wish that it was. i wish i could Wake Up and None of this Ever Happened. But it did. All of it.


~Diamond in the rough~ said...

I am speechless.........but at least you can climb a fence or two in style. And then get your giggle on about your adventure.

the heartful blogger said...

Oh hon. I feel for you. But you gotta stop listening to that woman from hell wife of your brother's. She's just out to mess with you.

Sending you transatlantic hugs.