Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yerba Buena and my Roots Run Deeeep.

Oh the Groovy things in the backyard!

My Nana Josephine planted this yerba buena.

When our stomachs hurt it got boiled and made into an ultra green tea that made me queasy but i had to drink it anyway. Pop-pops likes to eat it just like that. He's like a little goat. Sometimes i have to tell him to spit it out because he helps himself to big wads of it. The persistent grazer almost ate it down to Nothing. But it sprang back up.

I laid on my stomach to get a front row really is a lovely plant with such a cool name. Yerba Buena. Good Herb. And it's smell is permeating....even if you just cut one tiny piece of leaf. It smells just like a good herb should.


knitsteel said...

Is it a mint?

changapeluda said...

It is.

I like that word.
Mint. In Mint condition.
Minty Fresh.

loverica said...

cool shots of some amazing plants...yum :-)
there's nothing better than getting down in the dirt for a good photo...keep up the good work.

pinda said...

i like the photo too.

the most simple little plant.
Just looking at it seems to work already.