Saturday, April 26, 2008

So this is how We all know each other, isn't that somethin'??

The innards of a computer just sittin' there waiting it's turn in my computer guy's garage. It's gotten kinda embarrassing how many times my computer breaks down. I always use that as an excuse to not blog when it's kind of not even a very good one. Oh, this beautifully intricate computer of mine is a temperamental old fool that works like a dream - most of the time. I could use the one at Dewbug Daycare only blogging during naptime just doesn't do it fer me. I could also use Happy's laptop....only my pictures aren't in there and i gotta have my pix. That is Why i'm a stop & GO blogger. My computer is not so dependable as my desire to blog (uh, Very dependable) so i'm just kinda saying sorry for the feast and famine action over here. It's my computer's fault. It's a breaker downer, aye. That's okay, my computer guy is very understanding and i just gotta make sure that when i knock on his door of repair, tower in tow: Beer! nice & cold and sometimes i sweeten the deal with chicken tacos and guacamole.

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