Saturday, April 12, 2008

When artsy fartsy gets dark and creepy

There are times when my art as therapy gets gory and messy and i dye things bloody red.

I saw my heart out....roughly - with a wide tooth bladed jigsaw and i use only the most coarse sandpaper. Take a rasp to it( a big heavy rusty one).Then i Boil my heart in scarlet powdered dye & salt....after that, my heart of hearts get lined up all in a row for posterity. I don't know how it does, but this works for me. Every time. I can depend on it. Art as therapy is balmy like that. I can depend on a session like this to make myself feel better about Anything. Plus, there's a kind of death sentence mood hovering 'round here and i might as well be out in my own backyard while i still have it - doing what i Dig doing.


the heartful blogger said...

I love it!!!!!

pinda said...

harrr. This is cool. the perfect setting for a spluttering horror B-movie. i 'd suggest some zombies