Saturday, April 05, 2008

Leaves (whole trees of them!) have fallen, all's time for me to go....

The weatherman said the winds would reach 60 miles an hour....which is a big deal around here. The storm came at night so the house rattled and shook in the dark. I was facing the big arched windows when i heard a thunderous CRrr-u-nCH! and then SNAP!....i thought maybe a big branch had fallen off the ginourmous black walnut tree. The next morning i checked on it, first thing. Well, there it big and unbroken as ever

There was a crow pointing in the direction of something else entirely. The Big ole Cypress that used to stand like this

Fell like this. In the way back corner of the back fell to the ground. I wasn't expecting to see it just laying there. There was something dead beastly about it. Poor tree. It's upstanding, shade giving days are over and i somehow know how that feels.

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the heartful blogger said...

Poor tree. Hope you're alright my dear. xxx