Thursday, April 17, 2008

Meanwhile, back in Nipomo: The Buzzards are Circling

I mowed the other lot....the empty one with the missing Monster Van and the Ginormous Walnut tree and the fallen Cypress....i walked the Lickety Split Woodservice area and made sure that there were no surprises for the lawnmower blades. So, of course - i ran over something. I tipped the lawnmower up a little to let it fly out. Only it didn't. It thumped around for a bit before it worked it's way out. I thought,
"Man! What the hell is it??" It was a Snake! A fat one.... Oh i was so bummed. I felt really bad. Poor guy was just slithering around minding it' s own business and there i go. Running it over with the damn lawnmower....It was gross first i thought it was a long smashed yellowish pomegranite....i couldn't figure out what it was. I took pictures but i'll spare you the sicko gore this time. So after i killed it, I went in the house to tell Happy how sad i was. She tried to placate me with talk of a Snake Heaven and i still felt awful. Didn't it hear me coming? I wasn't going fast at all because i was tired. Then to make matters even more disgusting (as only Nature can), I look out the window and there goes a big ole carnivorous bird. Swoopin' about. It ate my dead snake.

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the heartful blogger said...

Oh well, at least it became a meal for someone.