Saturday, January 06, 2007

And I'd Lock It With A Zipper

If I only had a heart....We miss G. has been in Arkansas for almost 3 weeks and I keep dye-ing while Pop-pops kisses his picture and calls out for him. We all watch Nipomo High School's "Les Miserable"....(G. kills as Javert & Pop-pops slays me w/his undivided attention to French History) . Everytime we see a Tinman (The Wizard of Oz is all over the place around here) Pop-pops thinks it's his brother....if you recall, G. won the roll of the Tinman. Oh! This is foreshadowing, I tell you. G. will be leaving for college soon and my nest will have one less son of mine.
What'll I do?


knitsteel said...

What will that boy study in college- music, drama? He looks like he could do just about anything.

Girl of Approval said...

Aww. When is he coming home? :(

Are you going to have another child? Perhaps you could adopt an older one and just "replace" G. He'd like that when he comes home to visit from school... another teen boy in his bed. Or maybe not. :)

changapeluda said...

G. is seriously thinking of going to a very expensive conservatory of music....he has already gotten into the habit of Paying at least a hundred bucks a pop to even Apply to these places! Crazy kid.

I'd like to have another one, please.
maybe one Pop-pops size because they can have each other to amuse and they don't cost as much as a teen. Teens are priceless. Ha ha.

changapeluda said...

Oh and G. of A.
Mr. Irreplaceable will be flying into the LAx on Monday...tomorrow, yay!

Roadtrip. Woo hoo.

Beta Fishy said...

Oh Sweet Changa, I am so sorry that you are missing your oldest. I think that his talents show the high level of love that surrounds him. Can I volunteer to be adopted? I want to be surrounded by hippy love. I am missing that here in Texas.

Come on Monday, Changa needs her heart back!!

Girl of Approval said...

I am starting to think I want kids. It's scaring me.

mathew parkin said...

your family is wonderfully talentend and amazing, congrats to G!
the heart is so gorgeous!
xx xx xx