Sunday, January 21, 2007

Come on Baby, light my fire!

Lickety Split Wood Service.
Peppertree wood, soaked in
rainwater and ready to burn.
I thought this looked like a real
fire in a fireplace but I've been
seeing things, lately.


knitsteel said...

Why do you soak it in water?
It is kind of glowing, with the sunlight on it- more of that refraction stuff probably ;)

changapeluda said...

I saved them from the woodpile because I liked them. The shape of them after they came off the splitter reminded me of fire. I piled them into the wheelbarrow and then it rained....they were even more beautiful having soaked in their fresh water bath....

zorana said...

On the first glance I did think it was a fire... then a read your post and checked again. Very interesting!

Girl of Approval said...

I also thought it looked like a fire. They are beautiful. I think you should go around the country and teach people to see beauty in non-conventional things. Maybe the world would be a nicer place. :)

Girl of Approval said...

Re: My parents are very rational people and my experience with Andrew made me think things through 80,000 times before I do them sometimes. :)

Me encanta la palabra "mija."

changapeluda said...

Nina de Aprobacion,


Con amor,

mathew parkin said...

my gosh it does!
i love real open fires :]
xx xx xx