Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tortillas! Lickety Split! Rollin' rollin' rollin' ....

So did I tell you my mom is the best in the west? Yeah, I did because She Is. Yesterday, Pop-pops was sniffin around the BBQ wild boy out foraging for food with his trusty ole dog, Pearly Girl Zoe at his side....My mom heard him say "Nummmy Num!" He was standing there all demanding like by the pit, making food noises and my mom picked that up with her eagle ears....that was all it took to whip her into frenzy. There was a little Mexican Woman Cookin' whirling dervish let loose. Before I could say "que la fregada" she had whipped out the tortillas, made the fresh chile salsa and brought me the meat & beer (the best, i'm tellin' ya). All I had to do was light a good oak wood fire, then be outside with my son and my dog and my mom and enjoy myself. The Best. My mom. Oh, man!


changapeluda said...

this post is dedicated to:
Jane & Alice
of Coney & Long Island

Beta Fishy said...

Yum! My mouth actually started watering when I saw that first picture.

What a way to make up for less than spectacular holidays....

changapeluda said...

true, fishy.

re: mouth watering

rip off just a piece of one of these torts wrap it around a slice of avocado sprinkled w/a little salt
see what happens to your mouth after that.
Did you ever see Smoke Signals?
These are tortillas that can walk on water!

Girl of Approval said...

Yummy! I want some true Mexican food. :)

I love the picture of Pop Pops and the dog... beautiful, especially with his cute little pony tail! :) Also, the one with your mom and pop pops standing in bbq smoke is awesome! :)

I love the movie Smoke Signals. I can "identify" with Native Americans/Indians since we have some up here. I didn't know what a Hispanic was until I was in Junior High.

knitsteel said...

Oh Yum.