Monday, January 29, 2007

There was a bright-ass rainbow so I cropped the shit out of it!

Just because I liked the way it looked and I have the technology. I may be a little e-tarded but I can manuever may way around [ala
Dr. Heimliechkkk]. Notice my hesitance to switch to the new blogger. I'm like an old codger who likes things the way they are. Nothin' new fangled around here, dagnabbit. Although last night on 60 minutes this guy from the Geek Squad said the internet revolution hasn't even begun. Yikes. What am I gonna do? I don't even know what HTML is and why mine was still open w/an exclamation point, even! Makin' me all unable to post!! Time to learn to like and even know what tags and labels are for....and to be able to put things in different colors so that when you click on 'em you uhhhh...go there. Who thought of that?!? How exciting! Learning new shit is always good, right?
So the house in the picture that looks kinda painted but also all digitized, belongs to the neighbor, Susie. She grows (and shares) persimmons, pomegranites, loquats, walnuts, and lemons. Pretty, exotic and organic, if you ask me. She also has a buncha poodles in sweaters. She's super nice and sometimes wears her blue hair rollers to check her mail. This town is pretty podunk, and I like it just fine.


Beta Fishy said...

I love the photo where it appears that the rainbow ends right at that home. Like it has a big ol' pot of gold in the living room.

When you learn to do the color word clicking thing could you please teach me?

changapeluda said...

ah my little fishy....we swim in the same sea....i see...

(Michael Jackson's) Heee heeee.

Feelin a little Looopeeeee!

I heart DayQuil.

mathew parkin said...

wowzers, the rainbow is pretty! the photos are lovely lovely.

I dont like new blogger at all, i cant edit my template, or put my own things in, i like to have control ahaha. althought the tag feature does look scrummy!

gosh, it seems like a lovely place where you live.

xx xx xx

Jennifer said...


Beta Fishy said...

You heart DauQuil? Oh, feeling a little under the weather my dear Changa? I hope you feel much better soon!

XOXOXO a Texas fishy

Girl of Approval said...

Very beautiful. Perhaps I want the leprachaun at the end of the rainbow. The Boy keeps saying, "I'm a leprochaun" at random times. :)

Very nice photo though and loved the description of your neighbor. We don't get those kind around here.

changapeluda said...

Don't wanna be a
comment hog
on my own blog...

(WHAT is it with Dayquil & rhymimg????)

but i feel it's kinda rude if i don't comment back and @least say
thank you....
For stopping by here to even read and then to have to do a damn letter puzzle I'm takin that thing out
the spam.

(time for another sippy)