Saturday, January 20, 2007

And Then There Were Two

My mom used to hold up her hand and sing this nursery rhyme to me.
5 little sea-shells, by the sea shore
Swish! went the wave and then there
were four (she'd tuck in her thumb)
4 little sea-shells, pretty as can be
Swish!went the wave and then there
were three(then her pinky)
3 little sea-shells both fairly new
Swish!went the wave and then there
were two(she'd put down her ring finger)
2 little sea-shells sitting in the sun
Swish! went the wave and then there
was one. (down w/birdie finger)
1 little sea-shell sitting All Alone whispered
(she'd put her pointer finger to her lips)
Ssssssssssssssh... as I took him home.

I loved it when she did that one. She was so dramatic in a quiet and mesmerizing way. And it always had the same ending where we got to take the last lonely little sea-shell home....sometimes she would make her other hand be the wave and Swish it over the sea-shell counting hand and reveal the new number of shell fingers left....(I can remember helping her put the right finger down)....Of course, as is only fitting, I taught this nursery ryhme to my kids....Pop-pops is next! Swish! went the wave....
My bigger kids grew so Fast! G. and I have some hilarious exchanges. He was in fine form yesterday. Grumpy so there was quite an edge. G. says says he is going to get his own blog so he can refute what I say....And that he is not cruel.


Girl of Approval said...

That's the cutest little story/song. :)

Maybe I'll sing it to The Boy... even though he's a bit old, he'll like it because I'll tell him to! :)

changapeluda said...

heeee heeee

SJ said...

I would totally read that! I love the other side of the story. :p

changapeluda said...

hail tortilla mary