Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Operation Go Get Brother: Complete Success! Thanks to SUPER Mighty Pop-pops!!!

Oh Joy! My big son is home again, home again jiggity jig. We had a bitchen road trip, smooth sailing on the freeway, superhero baby action and DJ Jazzy Foofy (alias Happy) manning the stereo...plenty of snacks and drinks....a gorgeous sunny California day..couldn't have asked for better conditions or better results. I'm one Pleased Mama. Yes I am.


Girl of Approval said...


Glad he made it home safe and sound. You have the cutest family. I am jealous. :)

You're one cool mom!

Beta Fishy said...

YEAH! Everyone is home again. I for one am very glad to hear that all is well...

pinda said...

hereby i give you, mr Super-Mighty, the medal of honour. your country (and the rest of the world) is verrrry proud.

operation-force Go-get-brother... dismissed

operation-force go-give-mom-hug... action!

knitsteel said...

You have a beautiful, loving, and talented family!

changapeluda said...

Why, thank you.
Thank you very kindly.

mathew parkin said...

pop-pops look so increadbly cute!
xx xx xx