Monday, January 22, 2007

Pop-pops for Peace!

I must come clean and admit that I am a Stephen King fan, (the heart + the peace symbol is from Hearts in Altlantis). I must come clean and admit that my brother is the town drunk. I must come clean and admit that I need to clean house. I must come clean about my hatred of the telephone (unless it's my kids calling). I must come clean and admit I am too poor to put G. thru college. I gotta come clean and tell you I have a secret (not no more) desire to busk. I must come clean about my fear of Zoe (the dog's) death. Wsphew!
There, that's what my heart needed from Lickety Split Cleaning Service for today.
Got anything you wanna come clean about?


Beta Fishy said...

I must come clean and tell you that I like Stephen King too, and I am curious about what busk is....

Do you feel a little better after cleaning bits of your soul?

changapeluda said...

oH HeLL to the YEah!

Busking is playing music on the street for money. It's much less hobo then it sounds,(imho).
Did you ever hear that Dolly Parton song "Nickels and Dimes"?

the heartful blogger said...

I gotta come clean and say that almost every day when he was still with us, I used to wake up and hold my breath till I heard Caesar's mewing at the door.

And that I sent an email to a dj today to say thank you for playing Neil Diamond.

changapeluda said...


I miss Ceasar.

Love! Brother Love sweet Brother Love's Travelin' Salvation Show!!
Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies cuz everyone knows that Brother Love shows.....
heeee heee!
Happy Birthday Heartful!

knitsteel said...

I must come clean and tell you that I'm uptight about husband having surgery tomorrow, even as safe as it should be.

Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

Listen now: don't let money be a reason not to send G. to school. You'll figure it out one way or the other. If that's what he wants to do, of course....if so, never, never let dollars or lack thereof get in the way of brain expansion (the good kind--education--as opposed to the bad kind--LSD).

You know what I mean.

changapeluda said...

yep, i do. and he Does wanna go! it's all i ever hear about.

And surgeries are scary no matter what....just think of the pioneers. Husband should be just Fine.

SJ said...

GAH how your kids be so cute???

Girl of Approval said...

I also love Stephen King.

And I like to watch my mouth bleed after flossing.

mathew parkin said...

i must come clean that i'm lazy. i must come clean that i want to smoke so i lose weight. i must come clean that i dont read, or write anymore and it breaks my heart. i must come clean that i hate being away from my family. i must come clean that everything about you is wonderful and you shouldnt worry. you'll find a way with G, i promise.

xx xx xx

changapeluda said...

Mathew Parkin you do fucking too write. That last sentence was one of the best things I've read in a
loooong time. The best. I cried. No shit.

Girl of Approval
which came first? and what's your fav. book of his?

changapeluda said...
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