Friday, January 19, 2007

I went to Catholic School, St Mary's of the Assumption, so I know about shit like this

There I was, minding my own business. Taking pictures of some funky ladders that I make. I really like making these ladders since punily enuf: My Art Therapy sessions have escalated. So I'm standing in the same spot where I first encountered her....Our Lady, and Lo and Behold(the second picture with the eerie lookin' sock in the left corner)...I think it's a procession! I'm nuts, I tell ya but I think it's a group of these chicks! Can you see them? Is it a trick of light? Why do I feel so good when I'm standing there? I go to "the spot" (my favourite part of my Whole Backyard now, thank you very much) every morning and it's dependably cool there and I feel so happy, just standing. All smiles and deep cleansing breaths. I can feel her presence. Holy Mary! Full of Grace. Blessed is the fruit and all that jazz.... And to have some sort of colorful photographic proof!
I am over the moon.

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